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Coldplay Mylo Xyloto Paradise. Best Books of the Month. What they do with their savings and massive hauls is just as interesting as how they manage to get them! As far as gluten reaction, there was none which is great! The pizza taste was, meh. Mediocre at best. I got a deluxe style. There was waaaaay to much sauce and the toppings were just ok. We did not order. Great tasting GF pizza. We took for takeaway and was great and no reaction by Celiac with high sensitivity. We get Marcos frequently and have never had a problem with cross contamination.

Gluten free pizza is available. The owner stated that they use dedicated pans, utensils and cutters. Ordered a medium meatlovers and took it home just in case I got sick from it I was amazed!!! Worst experience ever tonight! I have been ordering gluten free pizza here forever. Today when I picked up my pizza it did not look right. I asked if a new one could be made, because my daughter can get extremely sick. After I gave it back to the sales associate not less than two min later the manager yelled gluten free person.

I went up to the counter.

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He threw the pizza back on the counter and said it is gluten free and walked away. Did not care about gluten free precautions at all. This place has its own dedicated gluten free area with dedicated gluten free utensils. My school was the first to order them. The store manager showed our the director the new equipment.

They have gluten free pizza crust.

They were great and added extra sauce and cheese for us. I am thankful to have another option for pizza. My husband got a thick crust "meat lovers" type pizza and he said it was also delicious. They were very fast. We called it in and they had it ready for us when we got there 10 minutes later. We have ordered gf pizza from here several times and my Celiac daughter has never gotten sick. Only thing gf is the crust. Talking to the girl at the counter she said they are gluten friendly, cheese is not gf and the pizza is made in the same kitchen with same ingredients as non gf pizzas.

They were fantastic! So careful to follow gluten free protocol.

Pizza coupons 43068

The pizza was delicious my daughter said best GF pizza ever. Liked that is is made I medium so enough for 2! Nima reared and was gluten free. They give the warning of "this is not a dedicated kitchen, not safe for Celiac", explained CC to the person taking our order Brandon. He said he would use separate toppings not already on the line so that there would not be CC. Felt fine afterwards.

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Giving 5 stars because he made the GF one first and used toppings not already on the line. Brandon was also very friendly and accommodating!! Their pizza is amazing however they cook the gluten free in the same cooker as the regular pizzas. The owner has knowledge of celiac and trains staff on safe practices. This is my go to place for gf pizza. I'm a celiac and so is my son.

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This was the first time we tried a take out pizza with my son since he was diagnosed last year. They took precautions to get new sauce out and different utensils. He had no reaction. They said to always talk to manager when ordering. Great gf crust! I'm Celiac and extremely sensitive, but have eaten here twice and had no reaction.

This is my new go to for gf pizza! Awesome gluten free pizza, very friendly staff who like to help you find great deals.

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Eat it, eat it now. The staff was knowledgeable when I called and asked. They offer a medium size pizza only with any toppings. The crust is perfect! And their sauce and toppings are incredible as well! Also, I felt it does reheat well if you throw it in the oven at until hot!

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Going to be coming to this Marcos often! Agree whole-heartedly with previous poster - best gluten free pizza in town!!! Perfect crust every time!